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Harcourts Hawke's Bay Arts Festival Shows At The CHB Municipal Theatre.

Tuesday 16th October 7:30pm

Following sell-out seasons in Edinburgh, London and Auckland, Robyn Paterson brings her dark comedic one-woman play to Hawke’s Bay.

In a rapid, dance-like duologue Paterson switches between her two characters, Helene and Gordon, to create a story of loss, family and the true meaning of ‘home’ that is at once heartbreaking, hilarious and universally relatable.

Inspired by her own parents and their experience of moving from South Africa to New Zealand, The South Afreakins examines the pragmatic decisions behind emigration, the push-pull challenges of adapting to a new culture, and the feeling of displacement at the heart of the migrant experience.


Sunday 21st October 2pm

This five-star, sell-out children’s choice is a dynamo of circus talent and frenetic noisy fun, a genuine “supercharged showstopper” that will delight kids and their parents alike.

Children are Stinky is the most spectacular reverse psychology experiment you have ever seen. The extremely talented duo, Kylie (April Dawson) and Jason (Kyle Raftery), in trying to prove that kids are stinky are met with messy, ridiculous, hysterical twists. They only succeed in proving that children are awesome…and they know it!

With a rocking ‘90s soundtrack and in-jokes (for the adults), and plenty of interactive shenanigans (for the kids), this jaw-dropping circus trick tease will entertain the whole family.

Expect daredevil stunts, incredible acrobatics, lighting fast hula hoops, and a belly-load of laughs.

Created by Malia Walsh and Chris Carlos; performed by April Dawson and Kyle Raftery.

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$20 GA