CHB Municipal Theatre
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July 13th -22nd 

Rodgers and Hammerstein musical classic, is brought to you by Waipawa Musical and Dramatic Club

Set in Austria, against the backdrop of the second World War, we meet Maria, a postulant nun at Nonnberg Abbey. She is sent to work as a governess for Captain von Trapp and his seven children, where she brings music back into the household and wins the hearts of all of the children.

Whether you are a dedicated theatre go-er, or new to live theatre, you will doubtless know most of the songs, know the storyline and know the ending… but this is an occasion, an event and an experience you will not want to miss, brought to you by the dedicated and talented members of Waipawa M&D.

Bring your children, bring your Grandparents, bring your neighbour! Come and experience quality live theatre, in the heart of Central Hawkes Bay, in the beautiful CHB Municipal Theatre.


 Tickets from the CHB Municipal Theatre;  weekdays 9am-4pm.
Adults $35, Seniors $30, school children $20.
Dinner tickets available for the 14th and 15th; adult $30 child $15 
Matinees on the 16th and 22nd   start 2pm
Evening shows start 7:30pm

Thursday September 7th   7:30pm

Dinner 6:30 pm

Bill Massey’s Tourists tells of the experiences of Jan Bolwell's grandfather on the Western Front in World War One.
Bollwell plays herself as an adolescent doing a school project on the war. At first her grandfather is reluctant to talk about the war, but gradually he is coaxed to reveal what actually happened to him and his friends in the trenches of France and Flanders.

 Bill Massey was the Prime Minister of New Zealand during WW1 so with typical Kiwi humour, the soldiers called themselves ‘Bill Massey’s Tourists.’

Bill Massey’s Tourists is peppered with movement sequences set to amusing and original WW1 soldiers’ ditties, songs and First World War poems. These songs & poems give an instant flavour of the time and sum up the feelings and attitudes of the soldiers. Projected images of Arthur and his war mates, as well as general scenes of war, are employed as an intrinsic part of the play. They deal with opposition to the war and propaganda that was used to get young men to fight for the Empire.
Bill Massey’s Tourists is a play designed for general audiences, both young and old. 
The performance is one hour long and is usually followed by a brief after-show chat with the audience.

Reviewers' comments: 
“Jan Bolwell tells her grandfather’s tales of World War One with a remarkable vision and perception. Her versatility is admirable. A terrific script. A great performance. A tale well told. Knocked me for six.” Raymond Hawthorne, New Zealand Theatre Director

Tickets available through or from the CHB Theatre
$25 show
$40 includes dinner 

Andrew London Trio

Tuesday October 3rd 7:30pm

Dinner 6:30pm

Subtle and occasionally subversive satirical songs about the trivia and minutiae of daily life from the point of view of a middle-aged, middle-class, Middle Earther, delivered in a deceptively innocuous 1940's swing style with occasional forays into folk, blues, country and hip-hop.

This trio carries on in the tradition of Hot Club Sandwich, who have toured extensively throughout New Zealand since the early 1990s, enabling singer/songwriter Andrew London to gather material from the shearing sheds of Southland to the corporate boardrooms of Queen Street. Themes cover the gamut from pretentious socialites, male insecurity and modern parenthood to driving habits, rugby culture and the depredations of ageing.

The obvious opportunity for humour in these themes is eagerly seized upon and exploited mercilessly, but occasional poignancy and pathos are never far away. Beatle-esque vocal harmonies are added by Kirsten London on bass and ex-HCS sax/clarinettist Nils Olsen. Will appeal to an audience who like Folk, jazz, comedy audiences, fans of satire and musical comedy.

Tickets available through or from the CHB Theatre

$25 Show

$40 includes dinner (6:30pm)